Abu Bint Products


US Golden Parboiled Rice

Abu Bint Golden U.S. No. 1 Long Grain Parboiled Milled Rice is a selected premium rice which never overcooks and that ensures the grains remain fluffy and separate.

Calrose Rice

Abu Bint Calrose rice is an extra quality medium grain rice, ideal for those recipes which the rice needs to absorb the flavor of the broth very well.

Sella Basmati Rice

Abu Bint Royal Indian Sella basmati rice is cultivated in the foothills of the Himalaya region and it is easy to cook because of the steaming process, the rice is always perfect.

Stuffing Rice

Abu Bint Stuffing is an extra quality medium grain rice which undergoes under a light steaming process which creates a rice ideal for preparing easily stuffing dishes with a rice soft.



With Abu Bint Quinoa, you will discover all the tasty and innovative dishes you can make.

Sella Basmati & Red Quinoa

Abu Bint Sella Basmati & Red quinoa let you enjoy cooking your favorite recipes with a touch of color.