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These Terms of Use apply to your access and use of the website www.abubintrice.com (the website) and other social media sites (collectively known as sites) owned and operated by Riviana Foods Inc. and its Affiliates, hereinafter referred to as Riviana Foods.
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Limitation of Liability
Riviana Foods does not assume responsibility of any third-party material and information provided on the sites. Material on Riviana Foods sites is provided free of cost for information purposes only and does not form any sort of guarantee or assurance. You hereby acknowledge and agree to hold harmless Riviana Foods, its Affiliates, and their respective officers, irectors,
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You hereby agree that through accessing the sites you will not:

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  • Provide links to your websites or contacts details on the sites
  • Use the sites or material contained therein in a defamatory manner
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  • Rely on the contents of the sites for legal purposes or consider any of the information,
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    In case an approval to use the contents of Riviana Foods sites is sought, Riviana Foods may
    impose conditions as it may deem necessary and appropriate from time to time.

Riviana Foods sites do not use cookies for the time being and would not collect any information about the user, unless provided oluntarily. This policy may change in the future and you are therefore advised to frequently refer to the Terms of Use.

Your Information
The information provided by you would be accessible to our site administrators and service providers until removed from our systems. This information can be shared with third parties through Court orders. It may also be used internally and by our sales and marketing staff, consultants and analytics team for assessment, improvements, sales and marketing purposes.
Any information provided by you shall be kept confidential and used for internal purposes only, unless required to be revealed through process of law. We may contact you for sending updates and for marketing purposes using the information and email addresses you have provided. By providing your information you grant permission to Riviana Foods and its Affiliates, Officers and Employees to contact you using such information. Providing the latter consent is voluntary and can be denied by not submitting your information. You can also write to us at any time requiring information about the data we have maintained about you in your systems. You can also request deletion of such data at any time.
In the event you leave a comment or send a message through our sites, Riviana Foods may publish such comment on their sites for information, marketing or promotional purposes along with your name and location. Your other contact information will not be ncluded with thecomment. You can get the post removed from our website at any time through sending an email to us.

Riviana Foods may use different Analytics softwares to make improvements and enhance user experience as well as for marketing purposes.
Information collected and processed and obtained by these Analytics softwares may be through use of Cookies installed on your computer and may include your IP address, the pages you access, your network and geographic location and preferences. We shall not maintain such
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Restriction on Use
Riviana Foods in their sole discretion, retains the right to limit and restrict your access to their sites and the contents thereof, if the Terms of Use are violated or your use is against the laws of Saudi Arabia or other International Conventions. No prior notice shall be issued by Riviana Foods in this regard.

Use of this website and other social media sites shall be governed under the Saudi Arabian laws and the International Conventions it is signatory to. Riviana Foods retains the right to initiate legal proceedings in relation to the Use and piracy of/from the sites in any jurisdiction as per their discretion.

The information provided on the website may change from time to time and may not be updated on the website promptly. Riviana Foods does not assume responsibility of any outdated information and specifically advises its users to seek information concerning a product or service from Riviana Foods by writing to them.
Due to software, internet and other issues their may be downtimes and delays in accessing the website or replying to your queries.